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Commercial Sound Installations

Whether you're running a small office, a large company campus, a multi-location retail establishment or a concert hall, you rely on your audio system to provide music, ambiance, and information. Just as poor lighting can affect your productivity and profits, good sound can be the difference between customers lingering in your store or running for the exit.

Exact Sound Design

Poorly placed speakers can create dead spots, echoes, and distorted sound. We create audio design plans that take into account the area, ceiling height, conical dispersion, room noise and how people will ultimately interact with your audio. Our professional design ensures that where ever you are in the space, the audio is crystal clear.

Excellent Installations

There's nothing more frustrating than combating a bad installation that continuously compromises your sound system. Poor installation almost guarantees system malfunctions. Source Communications has been wiring and installation experts since 1987. When we install your sound system, you can rest assured it will be done with care and precision. Stop chasing customers out of your store with bad overhead sound.

Bose® Professional Systems

Bose® is known the world over as the leader in high-quality sound engineering and components. For over 30 years, they have produced speakers and electronics that meet the exacting requirements of professional applications. With their technological advancements like Modeler® design software and LT loudspeaker technology, they have made their name synonymous with sound innovation.

Authorized Bose® Installer

As a Bose® professional systems installer and a Bose® professional product dealer, we design and install commercial sound solutions that are accurate, reliable, cost effective, and superior in sound quality. We will create a custom solution that is engineered to your exact space requirements to deliver superior sonic performance, versatility, and dependability.

Authorized Bogen® Dealer & Installer

Bogen® is a name educational institutions trust for their loud speaker and intercom systems, and we have been installing their components for over twenty years. Bogen®'s Commercial and Pro Audio lines address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems. We know the Bogen®product line and its best uses and can customize a Bogen®system for you.

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