Your place of business should be safe and secure 24/7. Whether you’re protecting your employees, your inventory or your facility, your security system should be professionally designed, installed, and maintained. Most importantly, your security system should be reliable. Our security division, Source of Security offers complete commercial security systems.

Our best electronic security systems provide precise video images and accurate detection while seamlessly managing who goes into and out of your facility. With a Source of Security system and management agreement, you can spend your time on what matters most--your business, your family, and your customers. Our systems are managed independently of each other or together under one platform.

Commercial Security Systems

Our end-to-end solutions include the design, installation, and maintenance of top-notch security systems. We secure hundreds of buildings and you can find our work in banks, grocery stores, retail businesses, school districts, manufacturing plants, and office buildings across Colorado and the nation.

Cutting-Edge Security Systems

Need a complex security solution? No problem. We work with the latest technologies available in the security industry and provide security systems expertise and knowledge to some of the largest companies in Colorado.

Electronic Security System Solutions


The custom burglar alarm systems we install and monitor often include a mix of detection devices including door and window position contacts, motion and glass-break detectors, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors, security screens, safe and ATM alarm equipment which includes shock, vibration, and heat detection along with safe door position switches. We offer both wired and wireless systems, even systems with a combination of both.

We also have our own mobile and tablet app which puts control of the system at your fingertips, sends customized push-notifications and gives you the ability to manage users, schedules, and events for one or multiple systems. All these features and more are available to you from anywhere in the world via any web browser.

CCTV & IP Video

We design, install, and maintain custom security camera systems that provide you with the information you need when theft, vandalism, or personal injuries occur. We first focus on points of entry, whether it be by license plate capture cameras, height strip exit shot cameras, cameras with a wide dynamic range, or public view monitors. We strategically place quality cameras to consistently and accurately identify people at your location. We then use wide-angle cameras to provide general surveillance of the activities at your location. Our systems give you the flexibility to record on site, off site, to a NAS or iSCSI device, or even to your mobile device.

You can also push video from your mobile device to our system so that the video is recorded and stored in case of an emergency. Our systems are compatible with most major smartphones and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. And it doesn't matter if you prefer Chrome, Opera or Firefox; our systems can be accessed by all three browsers at the same time. You can access either via a web client through any browser or via a thick client on MAC OS, Microsoft Windows or even Linux. Our systems are available for you to review, playback, and export recorded video and watch live video from anywhere in the world. This technology is great for people in the education, loss prevention, or law enforcement fields.

Access Control

The Access Control Systems we design and install provide a turnkey access control solution by integrating a variety of technologies together, including single credential, dual credential (card + pin) or biometric (card + fingerprint) along with many other combinations. Our systems control magnetic locks, electric strikes and lever sets and electrified hinges & egress devices. Our systems provide functionality from simple door control to complete control of access into and out of the areas of your facility.

For Pharmacies and Banks, the technology meets dual control requirements in areas such as vault rooms, data centers, and narcotics cabinets. Our systems offer integration with the security cameras. We install them by linking access control events with recorded video, cutting down on the time it takes to investigate activities or incidents.

We have a mobile app for our access control systems. We also offer remote management and cloud-based services. Our technology integrates with other systems you already use on a daily basis, such as payroll and HR software. Our systems will provide you with time and attendance reports and single sign-on and or photo ID software to allow for printing and encoding of your Company ID with customizable card designs, layouts, and technologies.

If specific certifications are required for employees to access particular areas in your facility or you have employees who must stay current on particular certifications, (such as forklift drivers), we can program individual alerts that allow or deny access to individuals, depending on the status of their certification. The system can be programmed to notify you and the employee when their certifications are coming due for renewal.


We offer monitoring through two fully redundant central stations located in Utah and Idaho. What do we mean by fully redundant? We mean that every signal goes to both central stations and that all the data is stored and accessed by each station, depending on the traffic at the current time. This not only allows us to respond to your signals as quickly as possible, it also ensures that if there was a catastrophe at one station, there would be no down time in the rerouting of signals or databases to the other station.

Reliable, top-notch security is invaluable. Your customers, employees, loved ones, pets, businesses, and homes deserve a security system installed and maintained by Source of Security. Call us today to discuss how we can help you provide that security.

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