It can take a hacker as little as 30 seconds to compromise a credit card reader.

Your card readers, even the new EMV-enabled terminals, are only as secure as the stands they are mounted to. Make sure that yours are secured to your counters and include a locking mechanism with hardware that thieves cannot see or access. For an extra layer of security, our Understands™ have a variety of locking options.

Source Communications offers secure credit card reader stands will fit your needs and your budget while helping you be PCI compliant.

The UnderStand Plus

The UnderStand Plus™ is a sleek, versatile, PCI DSS compliant card reader stand that fits all the major card readers. We offer several tamper-proof, and secure mounting options.

It protects your equipment from compromise and substitution with a unique tamper-proof design. There are add-on locking options available so you can upgrade your security and future-proof your purchase. Part of the advanced security of the stand lies in the design of the concealed mounting hardware. Thieves can't dismantle a card reader from a counter if they can't see how it's attached.

Effortless Rotation & ADA Compliant

The stand offers both effortless rotation with a smooth 355º turning radius, as well as no-fail tilting hinge that makes it ADA compliant.


The UnderStand Plus™ is cost-effective because it can be easily retro-fitted when your equipment changes. Upgrades are simple because we designed flexibility into the product.

The Original UnderStand

The UnderStand was designed to provide security for your readers while providing the best tilting mechanism and effortless 355º rotation for ease of use by your customers and employees. It is built with swivel flexibility so that it can be mounted on a wall, counter or pole. The patented constant-friction hinge provides the most forward tilt of any stand. It is also the most user-friendly for your ADA customers.

UnderStand Features


  • Patented Constant Friction Hinges for tilting stability at all angles
  • Holds all major brands of pin pads and card reader devices
  • Engineered to be flexible, durable, long lasting and reusable
  • Forward-lean increases your ADA compliance
  • Models available for counter mounting, self-checkout lanes, wall mount and pole mount
  • Three levels of security locking models available
  • Baked-on powder coat finish
  • Meets compliance requirements for PCI DSS 9.9
  • Stainless steel ball bearing lazy susan for swiveling
  • Made in America

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