Modular Pole Systems™

Superior Counter Organization

Effective use of vertical space is a key component when you are mounting equipment, especially in areas where more equipment continues to be added and less space is provided.

Better Customer Engagement

When your equipment is organized and mounted, employees spend less time away from their customers and more time taking care of them.


Our poles are easy to reconfigure, so when your needs change, it’s easy to upgrade or reconfigure your Modular Pole Systems™ products.

More Space

Our Modular Pole Systems™ have the ability to mount more equipment. We call it U.S.M.A (Usable Surface Mount Area) Simply said, with four sides on our pole, we have more surfaces to hold more.

Easy to Use, Inexpensive To Own

The Modular Pole Systems™ product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation. Because our MPS product is square, we greatly reduce the need for welds and this vastly reduces your cost of ownership. It’s also reusable, so you save money and space every time you reconfigure them.

Dependable Product "Patented"

Our tilting mechanisms are unique to our MPS™ product lines. When tilting monitors, touchscreens or key boards it’s important to have dual tilting tension, so your touch screen won’t wander down as you touch it. Your keyboard will stay in place even as you type on it. There are no screws or adjustments. The last thing you need is a mounting product that requires maintenance.

In Stores Across the Country

You can buy with confidence because our Modular Pole Systems™ were named by a top, national retailer as their enterprise solution for mounting touch screens. What was once a simple pole to hold a touch screen, quickly became a pole to hold a touchscreen, a phone, a customer-facing monitor, a card reader, hand scanner, and even some gift cards. It’s the best investment to make towards organizing your equipment. As your business needs change and grow, so will our Modular Pole Systems™ product line.

Send Us A Picture

Our Modular Pole Systems™ will improve your customer experience and bolster staff morale and productivity by streamlining the transactional processes. Send us a picture of your current work area, and we will design a pole to your exact needs and send back a drawing of what your work space will look like when it's organized using our Modular Pole Systems™ products. It's an easy way to get organized.


Contact Us. We’re happy to help create something just perfect for you.

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