A monitoring service is only as good as the central station that controls it. When you use Source of Security, you are enlisting the most secure monitoring system available. Even better, when you call, you get a friendly, caring professional on the line who has the skills and knowledge to take care of you and your business’ needs expediently.

Secure Monitoring

Our monitoring features two UL listed state-of-the-art, fully redundant central stations located in the US. Both of these alarm stations are UL 2050 listed, which exceeds all of Underwriters Laboratories' stringent requirements for alarm monitoring.

100% Redundancy

Our monitoring centers have 100% redundancy that includes facilities, data, receivers, and telephones. These two facilities are connected with redundant wide area paths using MPLS and site to site virtual private network technologies.

Never-Fail Monitoring

Equipment failures, storms, outages won’t affect our central stations. Each of our stations is outfitted with generators that contain multiple independent fuel sources so you can be assured that you will always have continuous monitoring services.

Mirrored Data Bases

With Source of Security monitoring, your account database is mirrored in real time over redundant servers in two different states.

UL Listed Central Stations

There are mirrored redundant Surgard System III receivers at both central stations so that receiver lines can be automatically transferred to either central station facility.

Stages Automation Software

Stages automation software by Secure Global Solutions offers 5-way hot server redundancy, which allows each station to mirror data in real time over servers located in two different states.

Redundant Paths

Our monitoring uses multiple redundant paths by numerous so we can immediately redirect voice or alarm traffic to the central station facilities.

For state-of-the-art, fail-proof monitoring, rely on Source of Security. Call us today to discuss your monitoring needs.

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