Professional Cable Installation

You can get your building wired cheaply and regret it later, or you can call Source Communications and get a top-quality cabling installation. We're the best cable installers. Period. How can we be so sure? We exceed our customers' expectations every day. We have customers who have trusted the lifeblood of their businesses--to us. We are the go-to cabling installer for some of the largest retailers, computer manufacturers, and companies in the country. We love what we do, and we take great pride in every job.

We Guarantee Every Installation

We stand behind every inch of cabling that we install. You simply won't find a more reliable or professional installer anywhere. With over 31 years of installation experience, BISCI Certified technicians, and an RCDD® on staff, every job we do is top-notch, or we don't do it.

We provide installation for low voltage, data, voice, optical fiber, video, sound, security, and wireless communications. Our designers have the experience to design the most reliable communications system possible.

Installation Services


  • Voice/Phone systems including PBX/Key systems, VoIP systems, 70 volt distributed paging systems
  • Data/Internet lines including Category5E and Category6 LAN Ethernet data cabling design and implementation Physical Layer Cabling for LANS, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 Installs
  • Optical Fiber Installation: Corning Certified to design and install LAN and Campus Optical Fiber Systems, Inside and Outside plant fiber, and Aerial Fiber
  • Site Planning: BICSI RCDD on Staff
  • POS Equipment Set-Up: IBM, NCR and more
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Sound Systems: Certified Bose® Distributor/Installers, Certified Bogen® Installers
  • Nationwide Service: Flawless rollout implementations 

Have multiple locations? Complicated specifications? We love a challenge. Call us to discuss your project. 303-466-8925

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