Mobile Fully Functional Point of Sale

The Wireless Cash Cart™ is a portable, self-contained cash register with a robust internal power system. The cart is configurable to hold all types of point of sale equipment.

Reduce Wait Times & Cart Abandonment

When you need an extra checkout lane, our Wireless Cash Cart™ provides an easy way to reduce long checkout lines, keep your customers happy, and make your employees more productive.

The Wireless Cash Cart™ is simply the most efficient, safe, and durable mobile point of sale (POS) system available. It was designed in collaboration with a major grocery chain retailer who currently uses over 1,500 of these cash carts in their stores today.

The Wireless Cash Cart™ is a portable, self-contained cash register with a robust internal power system. The cart can be configured to accommodate any POS equipment so you can place a fully operating cash register anywhere you need one.

Wireless Cash Cart™ Features

Each cart has a long lasting, UL approved, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that is ten times stronger than competitor carts, so you won’t run out of juice in the middle of a transaction. The push/pull handle makes the cart easy to move, and the removable equipment modules make the configuration of the hardware flexible. The removable equipment module and bagging module allow for flexibility. For grocery stores and other high-volume retail entities, the cart can be fitted to hold your model of scanner scale. Each cart is shipped in a recyclable shipping container, right to your store.


The Wireless Cash Cart™ can be equipped with a keyboard stand, a check-writing table or one of our Modular Pole Systems™poles so both the employee and customer have space to complete the sale.

Portable & Easy to Use

The extra-long retractable cord reel makes charging the power system easy.

2-Year Warranty

We are so confident in the durability of our carts, we offer a full 2-year warranty. If your cart breaks or cannot function to specifications, we will fix or replace it for free.

Additional Options

For your convenience, there are additional options available on Wireless Cash Cart™. You can add a brake system for extra stability and control. You can customize the color of your cart to match décor or your brand colors and choose the laminate for your cart’s countertop. Fold-down shelves, monitor mounts, and an extended counter can also be added. Keep your Wireless Cash Cart™ clean and ready with a canvas cover. We can even provide an umbrella.

Make your transactions more efficient, nimble, and portable with a Wireless Cash Cart™. Let’s build a cart together. Call us at 303-466-8925 for a free quote.

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