Keep Your Employees Safe and Customers Coming Back


Your place of business should be safe and secure 24/7. Whether you’re protecting your employees, your inventory or your facility, your security system should be professionally designed, installed, and maintained. Most importantly, your security system should be reliable. Our security division, Source of Security offers complete commercial security systems.

Our best electronic security systems provide precise video images and accurate detection while seamlessly managing who goes into and out of your facility. With a Source of Security system and management agreement, you can spend your time on what matters most–your business, your family, and your customers. Our systems are managed independently of each other or together under one platform.

Commercial Security Systems

Our end-to-end solutions include the design, installation, and maintenance of top-notch security systems. We secure hundreds of buildings and you can find our work in banks, grocery stores, retail businesses, school districts, manufacturing plants, and office buildings across Colorado and the nation.

Cutting-Edge Security Systems

Need a complex security solution? No problem. We work with the latest technologies available in the security industry and provide security systems expertise and knowledge to some of the largest companies in Colorado.

Custom solutions for any space

Electronic Security System Solutions


The custom burglar alarm systems we install and monitor often include a mix of detection devices including door and window position contacts, motion and glass-break detectors, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors, security screens, safe and ATM alarm equipment which includes shock, vibration, and heat detection along with safe door position switches. We offer both wired and wireless systems, even systems with a combination of both.

We also have our own mobile and tablet app which puts control of the system at your fingertips, sends customized push-notifications and gives you the ability to manage users, schedules, and events for one or multiple systems. All these features and more are available to you from anywhere in the world via any web browser.


Source of Security is an expert in designing and installing Closed Circuit Television systems to protect employees, customers and your assets. Need help selecting the right output resolution, selecting the right sensor and choosing the right lens? Are you expanding a legacy analog system, installing a cutting edge IP system or perhaps considering HD options? What environmental factors need to be considered when choosing your camera system? How much recording time do you need and will this be stored locally or in the cloud? Will you require remote access to your CCTV system? With many choices in the marketplace, we welcome the opportunity to explore options with you and help design your solution to give you peace of mind.

Access Control

Stay safe in a convenient fashion! From managing access to one door to many, or managing access to one facility or to many facilities from the same system, Source of Security provides a solution for your access control needs. Where is access needed and what level of access is needed? What mechanisms (crash bars, mag-logs, electric strikes) will be implemented, are biometric readers required, or will keypads or key fobs provide an adequate level of security? What considerations need to be made for future expansion and what will those future costs look like? Does your access control need to integrate with your CCTV system to save valuable time when events occur? What are your network system requirements? Source of Security has installed many systems, let us help you with yours!

Professional Security Installation

The difference between a reliable security system and one that can be compromised is found in the installation. The best components and design in the world will fail if the installation is inferior. Our security division, Source of Security delivers top-quality installations that ensure your security will be the best, most reliable system available on the market.

Installation Technicians with Decades of Experience

Our installation technicians have decades of experience and extensive training in low voltage and electronic security equipment installation. They are experienced in many business environments from high transaction retail to banks, to multi-building campuses. Got a complex security systems challenge? Our technicians will meet or exceed it.

We provide solutions for some of the top Security brands.