Improve customer experience and employee efficiency by streamlining workstations and point of sale locations with positive solutions.

Innovative products designed for durability, flexibility, and efficiency.

An organized and efficient Point of Sale or workstation is the heartbeat to any business. With our solutions you can trust that your hardware and equipment is secure, standardized, and organized to ensure a positive experience. With our Common sense and modular designs, we can make sure you are working efficiently now, and able to grow with you as you change out equipment.

Modular Pole Systems™

The Modular Pole Systems™ product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and seamless installation. We use common sense in our designs and always think about future uses, so you get a product that works great today and...

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The UnderStand™ is safe, secure, and adaptable to provide tilting and swiveling options while maintaining PCI compliance and ADA standards. It can take a hacker as little as 30 seconds to compromise a credit card reader. Your card readers, even...

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Wireless Cash Carts™

The Wireless Cash Cart™ is a portable, self-contained cash register with a robust internal power system. The cart is configurable to hold all types of point of sale equipment.

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PLU Roller Tubes

Finding produce codes in a binder is very inefficient. Our innovative design gives you the ability to condense a lot of information into a smaller area and is easy to use. We use common sense in our designs and always...

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Our user-friendly solutions are designed in partnership with our customers while keeping employee and customer needs top of mind.

Download our latest product Catalog with descriptions of the variety of products and accessories we offer. We recommend and encourage you to contact us for custom configurations, quotes, updates, and new items.

Our innovative design team and rapid prototyping allows us to manufacture creative solutions from start to finish. Major retailers such as Harris Teeter, Kroger, Safeway, and Whole Foods have used Source Communications as a preferred provider of solutions in their stores.

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Superior Counter Organization

Effective use of vertical space is a key component when you are mounting equipment, especially in areas where counter space is limited.

Improved Customer Engagement

With an organized workstation, employees spend less time away from their customers and more time taking care of them.

Simple to Use, Inexpensive To Own

The Modular Pole Systems™ product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Easily Adaptable

Our products are reconfigurable, so as your needs or equipment changes, the product can change along with it. This provides a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

We provide solutions for the top electronics and POS brands.