Single Vendor Solutions for Products and Services

We love one-stop shopping, don’t you? Let us be your go-to source and completely construct your project as your one point of contact!

We’re the single vendor solution for your entire project: Low voltage cabling, security systems, commercial audio, directional boring/trenching, network equipment installation, MPS, and UnderStand installation services. We do it all!

Modular Pole System Installation

The Modular Pole Systems™ product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and seamless installation.

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UnderStand Payment Terminal and Network Equipment Installation

The UnderStand™ is safe, secure, and adaptable to provide tilting and swiveling options while maintaining PCI compliance, and ADA standards.

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Directional Boring, Trenching, and Site Readiness

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is the least intrusive way to provide a conduit pathway from one building to another with almost no surface disturbance. We strive to provide a one stop shop for all of your low voltage needs.

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Low Voltage Infrastructure Design and Installation

Your applause for a job well done is silence from your users. When they’re not sending emails or making frantic phone calls to your department, you know you have been successful. Starting with the right low voltage cabling and installation is the first step to keeping those emails and phone calls to a minimum.

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Security System Design, Installation and Monitoring

Your place of business should be safe and secure 24/7. Whether you’re protecting your employees, your inventory or your facility, your security system should be professionally designed, installed, and maintained. Most importantly, your security system should be reliable. Our security division, Source of Security offers complete commercial security systems.

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Commercial Sound System Design and Installation

We create audio design plans that take into account the area, ceiling height, conical dispersion, ambient noise and how people will ultimately interact with your audio.

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Big Savings in Time and Money

Choosing the right partner for each part of your project can be frustrating and overwhelming.  Our services are comprehensive and ensure you’ll get it done right the first time, saving you time AND money.  We can provide discounts by already being on your job site, cross-utilizing our resources without additional mobilization costs.

Synchronized Projects

When multiple aspects are handled by one company, workflow becomes easy.  Headaches and finger-pointing are minimized when designing, scheduling and invoicing are done by one company with complete offerings!

Greater Quality Control

From project inception, we can manage the level of quality we expect for your project that is consistent with your needs.  If the different parts of the project are awarded to multiple vendors that don’t adhere to the same QOS, this can cause setbacks in the overall project or provide a non-uniform appearance at the end of the project.

Years of Experience

With over 32 years in business, Source Communications has provided Turn-Key Solutions to many satisfied customers.  Let us show you what we can do for you!