Any Cable, Any Application, Anytime

Custom Cable Assemblies

At Source Communications we have the capabilities to make a wide variety of cable assemblies to fit your exact needs. Our in-house, semi-automated facility provides you with the consistency you need and our quick turnaround allows us to provide you quality cables when you need them. Come to us with your specs in hand or allow us to work with you to design and create just the right assembly each and every time.

Dex Cables and Dex Boxes

If you’re running Direct Exchange or Back Door DSD Receiving, you know how important the proper cable and components are to making your system work each and every time. Being able to transfer data seamlessly is also critical to your retail operation. For over 31 years we have been the leader in providing Dex Boxes and Dex Cables that are 100% dependable.

Point Of Sale Cables

Point of sale Cables come in many shapes and sizes. Our goal is to provide you with the cable assembly you want and not just one that we have. Our reputation for quick responsiveness has always been based on our excellent product selection coupled with the proper equipment and people to build your assemblies. We can assist in developing each design to your exact specifications and according to industry standards. We can develop any product from an idea to a working prototype, to full scale production in a very short time frame.

Quick Turn Around

Having in house production capabilities allows us to go from design to production in a very short time frame. If your needs require a quick turnaround and a high quality cable assembly, then you have come to the right Source. Let us show you what we can do to help you.

American-Made Cable Assemblies

We pride ourselves in making 100%-tested cable assemblies in-house and we use dependable, high quality, US-made cable and components whenever possible. This is one of the keys to our continued success in the cable-assembly industry.

Of course, we can also help you with larger orders and less expensive cables through our partnerships with several overseas manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re looking for a few cables or a few thousand cables, we are your Source.

Start here to design a solution for your needs.

Send us a photo of your work-space and we’ll create a system that meets your requirements and budget.